Slip Resistant Shoes : Benefits & What To Look For ?

Benefits of Slip Resistant Shoes for professionals

Every type of industry has its own challenging demands for working accurately. No matter you are a medical professional, craftsman, crew member or part of another important sector, wearing the right type of apparels and shoes are very important for many reasons.

There is nothing which comes before safety and you must know that every year many people get serious injuries at their workplaces because of slip and fall. The most probable reason of this is not wearing slip resistant shoes for the safety. Shoes have consequential effects on your overall balance of the body. Shoes must be comfortable and more importantly, there must not be any type of compromise with safety.

Non Slip Shoes

Ways to increase productivity with Slip Resistant Shoes.

Even if you are working with one of the top organization in the world, you cannot avoid the dangerous of slips, trips, and falls. The only thing which can decrease the chances of such happenings is wearing Slip Resistant Shoes.

Such shoes have remarkable abilities to lower down the hazards of accidents. It is well-known fact that when you are working without any fear your ability to work increase in many folds and helps to raise your productivity.

Expert opinion about non-sleepy shoes

Many organizations conduct some surveys and questionnaires to know the exact reasons of accidents and causalities so that we can eliminate such factors from our atmosphere. In results it is almost proved that some workers of some particular industries have more risk and wearing slip-resistant shoes is utter beneficial for them.

For example, food service, catering, healthcare, construction, manufacturing industry can save their employees by making it compulsory to wear such shoes at the time of working.

Mechanism of working

Slip resistance shoes are made with a special design to give strong grip against slips and falls. They have good friction because of their deeper tread grooves and they can provide powerful grip on every type of surface. While walking on the wet floor the friction between our body and floor reduce in many folds which are necessary to maintain our balance.

Deep tread Groves helps to increase such friction and protect us from falling down. So next time when you are walking on the slippery floor or wet floor, make sure that you are wearing non-slippery shoes.

Slip resistance shoes v/s normal shoes

Many things make slip resistance shoes preferable at the workplace and you must know about the differences between both types of shoes.

1- Design: Normal and high street shoes are designed to walk on the normal surface. They cannot offer you a strong grip at the time working in special circumstances like on the oily floor.

2- Raw Material: slip resistance shoes are not made with ordinary material but they are made with slip resistance goods to provide best results with great comfort during hard work conditions.

3- Industry requirement: Every type of industry has different working style and conditions. Many big companies keep this in mind and design shoes after research work. Their main objective is to protect you against accidents.

4- Test against worst condition: Manufacturing companies are well aware of the fact that workers have specific requirements. Slip resistance shoes are tested by professionals many times in worst and extreme working atmosphere.

Where and how to buy?

A wide range of such shoes is available in the market; you can even go to Wal-Mart as well to explore some designs and colors. However, it is always better to have more options open so you can also explore about more brands on the internet as well.

It is more important to pay attention to the type of material which is used in the manufacturing of shoes. Good quality rubber can assure that shoes will be working nicely and will provide you strong protection against accident. However, it is not always possible to check because you can check them on the wet floor with water or oil only. So, it is also better to ask about the most reliable brand from other users as well or people around you.

In an ideal condition, you can focus on these points in order to have the best pair of shoes :

1- Working conditions: It is very hard to make a particular standard in slip resistance shoes when there can be different types of working conditions. For example, medial halls have the slippery floor so there must be different types of shoes for the professionals. On another hand, oil processing plants and factories may be having slippery floor due to oil leakage which is normal in their case. The solution is to assess your working condition closely and take the help of experienced workers.

2- Comfortable of long working: Usually professionals and other types of workers have to work continuously for longer hours. In case shoes are not comfortable, they will create lots of irritation. In spite of giving preference to look and style give preference to design and material. For example, you must check the type of sole, heel, and pattern of the material used inside.

3- After sale services: A perfect pair of slip resistance shoe is checked properly to provide you utter security while working. It is also advice able to check about the reality of labeled which are put on such shoes like no slips or oil resistant. For this purpose, you can also ask some written guarantee from the dealer.

Self Protection to avoid consequences

There is nothing which can substitute awareness about your own safety. Some employers hardly pay attention towards the proper security measure. Their attitude towards the safety of workers is also not up to the mark. In such situation is better to follow standard security measures by your own and buy all the material for the safety like helmet and slip resistant shoes. Precaution is much better than cure.

Last words

In some situation, by taking all the precautions you can definitely reduce the risk of an accident. However, just buying a pair of non-slippery shoes is not enough and you must also be alert all the time while at work.

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